Dance for Dreams Spotlight: Meet Maria

Dance for Dreams Spotlight: Meet Maria
February 16, 2018 TechTeam

First I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the items that you provided for my participants. Especially, in the current economic climate times are hard for young parents. They were excited and grateful to receive the items provided by your organization. They asked that I make sure to tell you that what you do makes a difference in the lives of children.
One of my parents in particular was so excited because she didn’t have to worry about diapers. The toys, books and clothes enrich the lives of the children who receive them and ensure that they
have access to the things that create bright futures for children because they have been supported with toys that support their academic development and the things that they need to grow and thrive.

I am sure you don’t hear this enough but me and my participants thank you for positively impacting the lives of their children and helping them to be good parents.