NUDM Explained: Giving Tuesday

NUDM Explained: Giving Tuesday
November 26, 2018 marketing

Giving Tuesday, the global day of giving, falls in the middle of the season of giving, between Thanksgiving and Christmas.Even though it is a bit different than Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is just as well-known, and even more important.

Our primary beneficiary, Communities In Schools of Chicago, works to prevent the dropout crisis in Chicago Public Schools. Graduating from high school can lead to better economic, social and health outcomes throughout an individual’s  life. CIS of Chicago’s goal is to support Chicago students on a whole-school and individual basis, helping them achieve in school and in life.

This Giving Tuesday, NUDM is excited to fundraise for such a worthy organization that is addressing systemic and institutional issues in our shared city of Chicago. As a whole, we are aiming to raise over $100,000 that day, which will fully fund one year of CIS intensive services at a high need CPS school. On an individual basis, each dancer is encouraged to raise at least $51, which will provide THREE students ($17 x 3) with support services connected by CIS of Chicago for one month.

Why 51?

It takes $17 to to provide a month’s worth of CIS services for one student in the four core areas: college and career readiness, arts enrichment, health and wellness, and behavioral and mental health. If each dancer raises $51, then each dancer will be able to support three students for one month.

Why should you donate on this day?

Normally, when you donate to someone’s NUDM fundraising page, a small portion of the donation is given to the website that processes the donations. However, on Giving Tuesday, a corporate sponsor has agreed to cover all fees. This means that 100 percent of all donations go directly to NUDM, and therefore CIS of Chicago and the Evanston Community Foundation. Every dollar counts when bringing a child the resources they need to feel supported, so the impact of this day is tremendous.

How should I promote Giving Tuesday?

Email family, friends, neighbors, strangers, and everything in between. If you decide to post on social media, which you probably should, try using #EmpowerTomorrow, #GivingTuesday or #NUDM to boost your views. Go canning. Ask your friends over dinner. Stop strangers on the street. Anything is worth a try!

There is no better time to kick off your fundraising campaign than on Giving Tuesday, so change your profile picture, update your Instagram story, post on Twitter, or anything else to get the ball rolling. And, if you needed extra motivation, any dancer who successfully raises $51 by the end of the day will get a special NUDM sticker that will look great on a water bottle, laptop, and much more! If you get 5 or more donors, you can leave the tent and get a special snack. (You will thank yourself later).  

Most of all, remember that giving $17 or $51 this Giving Tuesday is more impactful and meaningful than whatever you bought on sale the day before.