Helpful facts about Compass to Care?

Helpful facts about Compass to Care?
January 1, 2019 TechTeam
  • Compass to Care supports families who have a child with cancer through assistance that can include funding for airfare, bus fare, car rental, gasoline, lodging, parking fees, taxi fees, tolls, and train fare and even long-distance travel
  • Parents often report that non-medical expenditures can be the most troublesome because, unlike medical bills, these non-medical expenses must be paid immediately and are rarely reimbursed
  • Your donation of $30 will help a child to get from his/her home to the hospital for life-saving cancer treatment for free
  • This year, in 2020, Compass to Care is celebrating its 10th anniversary. So far, Compass to Care has supported: 472 children, 12,000 cancer journey, 26,000 treatment days, and 1.96 million miles of travel