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Mission Statement & Core Values

Mission Statement

Northwestern University Dance Marathon’s (NUDM) mission is to unite the Northwestern, Evanston, and Greater Chicagoland communities through philanthropic fundraising, service, and education. A year-long effort culminating in a 30 hour dance marathon, NUDM strives to create an inclusive and enriching environment for the NUDM student body, our rotating primary beneficiary, and the Evanston Community Foundation.

Core Values


  • NUDM strives to fundraise as much as possible with the mindset that additional capital allows for a greater impact through sustainable growth and expansion of organizations’ efforts

  • Fundraising and subsequent allocation of money does not, however, provide a complete solution


  • NUDM works to involve members of the NUDM and Northwestern communities in organic hands-on service opportunities that positively impact those being served by our beneficiaries

  • NUDM volunteers should exhibit a high degree of responsibility, respect, diligence, and empathy when participating in service opportunities


  • NUDM strives to engage members of the NUDM and Northwestern communities in dialogues pertinent to not only the work our beneficiaries do but also the larger systemic issues that prompted them to take action

  • An understanding of the issues our beneficiaries are working to address will ideally lead to a lifelong awareness of and action against these issues


  • NUDM is committed to ensuring all programming, initiatives, and levels of involvement are accessible to every member of the NUDM and Northwestern communities


  • NUDM will consistently examine its place on Northwestern’s campus through consistent dialogue between and amongst members of the NUDM, Northwestern, Evanston, and Chicagoland communities