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Access the Livestream (for students)

Student Access Instructions

We are hosting NUDM 2021 on Hopin, an interactive online platform. Please read the following to get access to the event:


  1. Click on the Hopin link you were sent. 

  2. Press Checkout and follow registration steps. 

  3. You can keep the Hopin tab open throughout the event. Alternatively, to get back into the event if you close the browser tab, click your original ticket link. 

Once the event opens officially on Thursday:


  1. To see the livestream, click on “The Tent” in the left panel. 

  2. To get to small group spaces, click on “Breakout Rooms” in the left panel.

  3. To get more information on Compass to Care and Evanston Community Foundation, click on “Booths” in the left panel. 

  4. Want to know what’s going on in the schedule? Click the “Reception” tab on the left panel to get back to the landing page and scroll to the bottom to look at where we are in the schedule.

Information on breakout rooms:

  1. There are breakout rooms established for classes, dorms, hour clubs, committees and alumni/parents/community members. Click into whichever you feel applies best to you!

  2. Alternatively you can make a breakout room by clicking the “Create a Breakout Room” button to the right of the top screen. Name your session and write a description. 

  3. Once you are in the breakout room, up to 20 people can be on camera, but everyone can participate in the breakout room chat! 

  4. In order to get the livestream (“The Tent”) in the breakout room, open hopin on a separate tab. Once you are in the breakout room, click join with audio and video. Click on the computer screen button that pops up when you hover over your image. Click the share tab and then click “The Tent”. You can navigate back to the breakout room tab to continue interacting with other people in the room! 

Confused about anything? Click the “Breakout Rooms” button on the left panel and click into “Help Desk”. Someone will be there to assist you!