Canning Guide


  • Winter Quarter Canning Dates
      1/15 Deerfield
      1/20 Skokie
      1/27 Niles
      2/3 Glenview
      2/10 Skokie
      2/17 Niles
      2/24 Chicago
      3/3 Evanston
      3/10 Glencoe (weekend of)
  • When will the money show up on my Classy fundraising page?

    After you turn in your money at the Cashier’s Office, it will take anywhere from one day to one week for the Finance committee to allocate it to your personal fundraising page.

  • What is canning?

    Canning is a great fundraising method where you stand outside in various local cities with a group of friends and ask anyone passing by for donations, as you tell them about NUDM!

  • When is canning?
    • Make sure to check back soon for winter canning dates!
  • Where is canning?
    • You are allowed to can anywhere within the town’s limits, as long as you’re not on private property (i.e. not in the mall, not inside a coffee shop, etc.). Although, feel free to ask shop owners if it’s ok to stand outside their doors if it’s unclear!
    • In Skokie, we suggest the intersection of Golf Road and Skokie Boulevard.
    • In Wilmette, we suggest Green Bay Road and Wilmette Avenue.
    • Look for announcements/updates on other suggestions!
  • How do I prepare?
    • Make sure to check out a can and a bib from the NUDM Office (Office E, third floor of Norris) during any weekday, or from your grouphead!
    • Bring gloves!
    • Feel free to wear a neon hat, or fun accessories to draw extra attention–whatever you want!
  • What do I do when I get there?
    • Create an elevator pitch! For example, “Would you like to donate to Northwestern University Dance Marathon, benefitting Cradles to Crayons, which provides essential items to children in the Chicagoland area living in low income or homeless situations. It only takes $33 to provide these items for one child!”
    • Go to to learn more about NUDM, Cradles to Crayons, and ECF so that you can have some good facts to share with people.
    • Be patient, polite, and enthusiastic!
  • How do I get there?
    • Need a ride? Fill out this form by the Thursday of that week! We will be in touch the day before to plan for that Saturday’s canning transportation.
  • How do I turn in my money?

    In order to turn in cash for NUDM, bring it to the Cashier’s Office (open 9am-1pm) on the first floor of Norris, and give them your name in order for it to count towards your personal fundraising total.