Canning Guide


  • Winter Quarter Canning Dates?

    ** Winnetka canning available every day! **

    SAT Jan 12: Niles

    SAT Jan 19: Niles

    TUES Jan 22: Basketball Game Canning (Indiana) 8pm

    SAT Jan 26: Winnetka

    SUN Jan 27: Kenilworth

    SAT Feb 2: Niles

    MON Feb 4: Basketball Game Canning (Penn) 7pm

    SAT Feb 9: Park Ridge

    TUES Feb 12: Evanston and Skokie (30 before 30)

    SAT Feb 16: Skokie

    SAT Feb 23: Chicago public canning

    SAT Feb 23: Basketball Game Canning (Wisconsin) 7:30pm

    SAT March 2: Winnetka

    SAT March 9: Evanston (NUDM weekend!)

  • What is canning?

    Canning is a great fundraising method where you stand outside in various local cities with other NUDM dancers and ask anyone passing by for donations, as you tell them about NUDM and our beneficiaries and people donate cash and coins!

  • Where is canning?

    Canning is offered every Saturday of winter quarter in various suburbs that have permitted NUDM to send dancers, as well a few other days throughout the quarter. Canning is also offered every single day in Winnetka and Evanston this quarter! In every city that offers canning, dancers must stand in public spaces, such as sidewalks and not inside private businesses. The full schedule can be found under the Winter 2019 Canning Calendar question above!

  • How do I get there?

    You can get a FREE ride to go canning on a scheduled canning day, just sign up at! You can also take the metra or other public transportation on any day to go canning in Winnetka!

  • What do I bring?

    Pick up a can and bib (yellow vest you have to wear while canning!) in Office E on the third floor of Norris during any weekday! You can also wear a costume or bright clothes as well to attract attention and bring a fun energy! Make sure to be dressed warm (bring gloves!) as you’ll be standing outside for 1-2 hours!

  • What should I say while canning?

    Create an elevator pitch to get people to donate! For example, “Would you like to donate to Northwestern University Dance Marathon? This year I’m going to be dancing for 30 hours to support Communities In Schools of Chicago, which works to address the opportunity gap in education by ensuring each and every Chicago Public School student graduates high school prepared for success!” Be patient, polite, and enthusiastic! Stand on busy corners and go up to cars during red lights (carefully!) or ask passersby if there’s a lot of foot traffic. The more energy and passion you have, the more people will want to donate!

  • What do I do with the money?

    In order to turn in cash for NUDM, bring it to the Cashier’s Office (open 9am-4pm) on the first floor of Norris (to the left of Norbucks!), and give them your name in order for it to count towards your personal fundraising total. The finance committee will update the amount on your fundraising page within a week of when you turn it in.

  • When will the money show up on my page?

    After you turn in your money at the Cashier’s Office, it will take anywhere from one day to one week for the Finance committee to allocate it to your personal fundraising page.

  • Any more pro tips?
    • During red lights, walk/dance (safely!) in the street along the drivers’ sides of the cars
    • If one side of the intersection is getting a lot more traffic than others, rotate every 30 min with the other canners!
    • Approach EVERYONE and give them your elevator pitch! You never know if they’ll donate or not unless you ask
    • The more you show you want to be there, the more they will donate! Be energetic, enthusiastic, friendly, and fun. Enjoy yourself!
  • Helpful facts about CIS of Chicago?
    • Communities In Schools (CIS) of Chicago places highly trained staff inside Chicago public schools to support students in three ways: individually with case management and one-on-one sessions; small group support; and programs for the whole school that support college and career readiness, the arts, and physical and mental health.
    • $28 provides a targeted 1:1 mentorship session for a CPS student at risk of dropping out
    • $6 provides an arts enrichment field trip for a CPS student at risk of dropping out
    • In 2017-2018, CIS connected programs and services to over 71,000 KIDS!
    • With a 95% success rate, they truly are the dropout prevention program that works!