Getting Your Donation Matched

1. Find out if your employer has a matching program for Charitable Gifts.

You can either ask your Human Resources department or check out Northwestern’s Matching Gifts Database. Please note that some corporate matching programs do not match gifts made to any type of “thon”. Additionally, donors cannot apply for a match to pooled donations. The entirety of the funds must have been given by the donor/employee or his/her spouse. A child or sibling cannot apply to have a donation made by their parent or sibling matched, and vice versa.

2. Add your personal and account information to the donor section of the matching form.

For Charitable Organization write “Northwestern University” and fill in “Northwestern University Dance Marathon to be credited to [add dancer name]”.

For the address use: Northwestern Annual Fund, 1201 Davis Street Evanston, IL 60208

3. Mail or Submit online the form with the check or online donation receipt.

Please keep your donation receipt in case of any difficulty with processing the donation.

4. Northwestern University Alumni Resources and Development will verify to the company that the donation has been processed.

The Matching donation will be donated to Northwestern University Dance Marathon and credited to the same account as the original donation. Please note that the donation amount to be matched should be the amount of your original donation. Classy fees cannot be matched by companies and should not be applied for.