• What is NUDM?

    Now in its 44th year, NUDM is one of the largest student-run philanthropies in the nation, and the largest student group on campus. Our mission is to unite the Northwestern, Evanston, and the Greater Chicagoland Community in philanthropic fundraising, awareness, service, and education.

  • Where is NUDM?

    In a huge tent on Norris lawn.

  • When is NUDM?

    NUDM is March 9th (7pm)-March 11 (1am).

  • How long is NUDM?

    NUDM is a 30 hour event. The 30 hours is split into 10, 3 hour blocks. Each block has a different theme where you can dress up, and there are a variety of speakers, games, and music genres played.

  • How many students participate in NUDM?

    Over 1000 students, so approximately 1 in 5 Northwestern students participate in this campus tradition.

  • Is NUDM only the 30 hour event?

    No! We have events all year long, making it a year-long effort. The Special Events committee plans a variety of events throughout the year, such as Trivia, Acapalooza, educational panels, and more. The Food committee plans a variety of food fundraisers throughout the year. The Dancer and Beneficiary Relations committee leads the BUILD (Bridge, Uplift, Inspire, Learn, Dance) Program, which includes a variety of events where dancers can interact with the people that Cradles to Crayons serves.

  • What do I do if I’m worried about raising the $400 minimum?

    This year, we are striving to make NUDM an inclusive experience for all Northwestern students, regardless of financial status. We have a number initiatives aimed to support fundraising and financial inclusion: (1) The NUDM Grant Program, in partnership with the SES One Form (2) Office Hours and Coffee Chats where you can voice your questions or concerns, (3) The Fundraising Mentorship Program, led by Dancer and Beneficiary Relations, (4) The opportunity to get “perks” through non-monetary service opportunities, (5) Fundraising support, ranging from our fundraising guide to canning days with provided transportation.

  • I have a medical concern or food allergy. Can I still dance?

    Yes! We will work with you to accommodate whatever medical concerns or food allergies you have. Please contact the NUDM advisor, , and she will work with you. This is 100% confidential!

  • Do I get fed during the 30 hour event?

    Yes! You get free food all 30 hours and we can ensure you will never be hungry! You will get a snack twice each 3-hour block, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday.

  • What are some creative fundraising ideas?

    See our fundraising guide for lots of ideas!

  • How can I participate in service?

    We are constantly adding more service opportunities to NUDM! This year, every Friday afternoon from 2-6pm we will be driving dancers down to Cradles to Crayon’s Giving Factory, their large warehouse in Logan Square where volunteers can go to help package different supplies, ranging from a backpack filled with school supplies to diapers and baby essentials for a new mother.

    Also, through our partnership with the Evanston Community Foundation, we offer a quarterly service day where the NUDM community can volunteer at various non-profit organizations in the Evanston area. Also, be on the lookout for a number of continuous service opportunities through ECF that you can participate in throughout the year.

  • What is canning?

    Canning is where Northwestern students stand on street corners and solicit donations by passing by cars in nearby towns. Almost every weekend, there are NUDM canning days where you can pick up a can and bib (a bright yellow vest), in the NUDM Office (office E), and we will drive you to a canning location. Check the Canning 101 tab for more information!

  • What is the NUDM Grant Program?

    The NUDM Grant Program is sponsored by the SESOne Form. Anyone who qualifies for financial aid can apply to the NUDM Grant Program, to get a matching grant of up to $200 of the $400 minimum covered. This information is completely anonymous, and is only monitored by faculty and the financial aid office. Check back soon for information on how to apply!