Northwestern University Dance Marathon

NUDM 2023 is benefitting Little Heroes League and The Evanston Community Foundation.
Together we can #CoordinateGrowth! Join us in the tent on March 3-5, 2022!
Please contact with any questions, comments, or concerns.


Chicago Youth Programs (CYP) is a nonprofit organization striving to improve the life opportunities and health of youth in low-income neighborhoods, primarily on the south and west sides of Chicago, through long-term academic, emotional and mental support. This year, NUDM and CYP are working together to help Chicago’s youth overcome systemic inequities and obtain the higher education necessary to break the cycle of poverty. With a $25 donation, Chicago Youth Programs can provide one hour of 1:1 mentoring. The mentoring session provides the opportunity for youth to build their resilience, conflict resolution, and interpersonal communication skills. It also reminds them that they have a trusted adult who cares about them. CYP continually works to mitigate the impact of “social service deserts,” neighborhoods that lack mental health services and nonprofit aid, by promoting the development of cognitive, behavioral and social capabilities for youth populations.