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10 Ways to Fundraise over Winter Break

Jane Bachus

Dec. 5, 2021

As winter break approaches and students begin to travel back home, it may seem like fundraising opportunities for NUDM are limited. That's not the case.

Here are 10 easy things you can try over the holiday break to boost your donations...and maybe even reach your fundraising goal!

1. Call and text friends and family for support. It’s the season of giving. Take advantage of the holiday spirit and reach out to those closest to you for donations to your page.

2. Allocate a holiday wish toward NUDM. The perfect item for a wishlist? A donation to Northwestern University Dance Marathon!

3. Bake some holiday cookies. Whip up your favorite batch of freshly baked cookies and offer them as a sale in exchange for a delicious donation. Cookies for a cause!

4. Create a social media chain. Share your fundraising page on all your social media platforms (e.g. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) and ask friends to support you by reposting your progress! A creative caption and fun picture will help draw attention to your posts.

5. Channel your inner designer, flyer style. Put those artistic skills to the test and design a flyer to post in restaurants and shops around your community.

6. Create an incentive. Choose an amount and something you’ll do when you reach it. For example, for every $50 you fundraise, post a funny TikTok dance. Tasks include but are not limited to: pie in the face, egg to the head, baking a celebratory cake, dyeing or cutting your hair, or even doing a polar plunge.

7. Ornament exchange. Remember those old ornaments that hide in the back of the tree? Host a mini-sale with the profits allocated toward your NUDM fundraising.

8. Game night. Looking for some winter fun with friends? Plan a card game night! Play some Poker or Screw Your Neighbor and donate the prize pots to NUDM.

9. Fundraising door-to-door! It may seem old-fashioned, but face-to-face contact is extremely important when fundraising. Put on your warmest winter coat (unless you live in the sunshine, of course) and head out to talk with some of your neighbors.

10. Start conversations. Share your NUDM experience, fundraising goals and information about our beneficiaries with people in your home community. Advocating for and spreading the word about NUDM is just as important as making progress towards our final total.

So, don’t let time away from campus put a damper on your fundraising efforts. There are plenty of creative ways to collect donations throughout winter break. Pick any of the ideas above and give it a go.

Happy fundraising!

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