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A Treat for Finals

Betsy Winick

Dec. 5, 2021

EVANSTON –– On Thursday, Northwestern University Dance Marathon (NUDM) hosted an Insomnia Cookie fundraiser and raised $2,600 for its primary and secondary beneficiaries.

Insomnia Cookies had initially donated 350 free cookies for the event, but sales substantially exceeded the Special Events Committee’s expectations.

Hundreds of Northwestern parents placed orders on behalf of their students preparing for finals. Parents added personalized notes of encouragement to the sweet treats as students buckled down for the first set of final exams this school year.

“We ended up having to buy an extra 250 cookies from Insomnia Cookies because the first 350 sold out in less than 17 hours,” said Special Events Co-Chair Missy Romoff. “We actually had to shut the fundraiser down because we had sold so many cookies,”

Students received their cookies by delivery on Thursday night.

The Special Events Committee exceeded their goal by over 250 percent.

“To say that the event was successful is an understatement,” said Romoff.

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Julia Mencher
Julia Mencher
Dec 06, 2021


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