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The New Team Structure for NUDM 2022

Jane Bachus

Feb. 22, 2022

Another change? Yep, it's out with the old and in with the new for NUDM 2022.

This year, the Dancer Relations committee introduced a new team structure for dancers, consisting of four teams – blue, green, red and yellow. Every registered dancer requested a few friends to be on their team and was randomly assigned a color.

In the past, dancers formed their own teams often with other organizations, rather than embracing the NUDM community as its own entity. Teams were uneven in size and (as a result) unequal their fundraising capacity. In many cases, small teams were dominated by larger, often Greek-affiliated, teams.

“There was a team created for the individual dancers in 2020, but we never got to see how that worked because NUDM was canceled before we made it to the tent,” said Dancer Relations Co-Chair Hannah Klein. “Last year, the vast majority of dancers were on the team for the individual dancers because Greek life teams no longer existed in the same capacity.”

The new team structure fosters a sense of fundraising competition by creating a more level playing field for everyone in the tent. Each team has a fundraising goal they are working together to achieve by the end of the 30 hours. With dancers evenly split, each team has the potential to claim the #1 fundraising title.

Dancers have not only been encouraged to fundraise with their teams, but also to socialize with fellow dancers and encourage one another as the 30 hours approach.

“People have the opportunity to meet so many students that they may never have interacted with otherwise. There will be some team-related activities throughout the 30 hours with opportunities to win money for the team,” Klein said.

As the days until the tent dwindle down, the NUDM community is getting more and more eager to hit the dance floor and test out the new team structure of NUDM 2022!

Below is a list of fundraisers being hosted by our NUDM teams in the coming weeks. Support the four teams as they work towards their fundraising goals before our Fundraising Finale this Friday, February 25.

Seeing Red? Vote in the battle of the fast food chicken by ordering Canes or Chick Fil A on February 25th! Red Team members will deliver your orders to you so no need to worry about driving anywhere!

Rock with Yellow by purchasing Lemonade and Cookies in front of tech on February 22nd!

Green with envy. Have no close Crumbl cookies location? The Green team will solve that by delivering Crumbl cookies from the new Northbrook location on February 28th!

The Blue and Brew profit will also take place at Cupitol to support the Blue team, date TBA!

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