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We're Halfway There: Block Three Check-In with Dancers

Liliana King

March 30, 2024

After seven and a half hours of dancing, activities, fundraising and learning more about our beneficiaries, NUDM has officially hit its halfway mark! To celebrate reaching this point, we interviewed seven dancers for each full hour that we've been dancing so far. Each student was asked: “How are you feeling now that we’re officially halfway done with Dance Marathon?”

First-year dancer Rachel McCann: "I’m feeling really excited and optimistic. High energy!”

First-year dancer Saul Bazer: “I feel pumped and excited to keep on going"

Sophomore Abby Miggiani: “Pretty good and hype. It’s crazy that it’s already halfway!”

First-year dancer Benjamin Griesmeyer: “I’m hype. The first half was exciting and when it starts to get tiring, you reach the midway point, and you feel like you finally reached the home stretch.”

Senior Autumn Rose: “My body really wants to go to bed, but I really want to push through. I’m feeling rejuvenated with this halfway mark.”

First-year dancer Maya Schwartz: “I’m feeling tired and excited"

First-year dancer Taylor Massey: “I feel like I’m lowkey at a rough point, but I know I can get through it since it's for a great cause so that's all that matters!”

The dancers have put their all into the last seven and a half hours, and this halfway point has sparked a new energy in the crowd. Everyone is still on their feet dancing for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana and the Evanston Community Foundation!

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